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Civil War Memorial
The American Civil War, which is known as the bloodiest war in United States soil, is an internal violent dispute among Americans. The Confederates, which has seven member states, started an uprising against the government or union. The conflict between the two factions was said to have started because of conflicting insights and opinions about slavery in the country.
North Carolina is known as the last state to join the Confederate Army, although it is still disputed with Tennessee. The state did not host many battles but it provided numerous soldiers to the Confederacy at approximately 125,000 troops. The civil war ended when the Confederacy collapsed.
Slavin’s Gallery specializes in Civil War art. Paintings that depict the various battles can be seen on display inside the art gallery. Numerous portraits of the central figures who participated in the war can be viewed. You can go to to view some of the art display and war memorabilia you can get to see when you visit the place. This is a great way to re-visit the history of the country. The American Civil War may be bloody but its results can still be felt by the American citizens today.
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Slavin’s gallery offer other services to art enthusiasts. If you are looking for looking for a place to order your customized frame then you can visit the place. There are also collectible Christmas decorations which you can purchase for reasonable prices. Various wall mirrors are also on display for your purchase.
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Slavin’s Gallery is located at Jacksonville, North Carolina. It is part of a group of art galleries in the artistic and creative Tar Heel State. Visit the gallery at 201 C Country Club Road, Jacksonville, North Carolina. You can stop by at 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM during the weekdays and Saturday.